The fiber of shaggy carpets will be more easily seized with dust and dirt and there will be buildup if it is not often cleaned or vacuumed. However, for those of you lovers of shaggy carpets and those who want to have a shaggy carpet, there’s no need to worry. We will share tips about cleaning the shaggy carpet. Meanwhile, visit to hire a professional carpet cleaning service near your location.

Clean up dirt

First, bring the carpet outside the room and hang it over a fence or rope that is strong enough. Then pat or beat the carpet hard using a rattan, broom or mop handle to remove dust and dirt trapped between the rugs. Leave it outside (as long as the weather is sunny) in a few hours because sunlight can kill bacteria and mites that might be sticking.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Try to routinely suck up your d shaggy carpet regularly every week, or if you use it often, you can do it every day. Especially if you have a small child or pet at home. Cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner every day will avoid the possibility of feathers or hair that might be left in it.

if your vacuum cleaner has the highest setting option, adjust it according to the highest suction power. Because it will make it easier for you to clean dirt and dust. But still be careful not to tear or damage your carpet strands. Clean thoroughly on all carpet surfaces.

Dry shampooing method

Sprinkle the carpet with an absorbent or shampoo to occasionally refresh the carpet. Leave the carpet shampoo granules for a few moments according to the rules in the packaging (usually one hour) before you suck with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean up spill stains

Immediately clean the stains that are spilled with a damp cloth, stick to the area that is spilled, do not rub it all over the surface because it will make the stain spread. Press down so that the stain is absorbed. Rinse the cloth using clean water and repeat until the spill is perfectly stapled and stains are no longer visible.

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