The first way to clean a car carpet is that you need to remove the carpet that is mixed with stains from your car. Never try to clean the carpet while the carpet is still inside because the stain can spread to other places and it is difficult to clean. So you take out all the good carpet in the front and rear cabin to a spacious open space. Meanwhile, you may call the royal1 mobile detailing if you can’t wash it on your own.

After that, you can wet the carpet of the car first with clean water evenly and try to make it flush with plenty of water so that hard stains can be cleaned.

Then you can smear the carpet using detergent soap or shampoo the car to taste the part of the carpet that has stains. The thicker the stain on the carpet, the more soap is spread on the spot.

Brush the carpet using a brush that forms a broad brush for the stain that is easy to clean and use a brush that is thick and strong brush to clean stubborn stains. Emphasize your energy in brushing so that the results obtained are more maximal.

Then how to clean the carpet of the next car is there if the stain on the carpet has been brushed, then pour clean water evenly on all parts and sides of the top or bottom. Make sure the detergent soap and stains on the carpet are lost along with the spray of water.

After that, immediately dry the carpet and try to keep the carpet not exposed to direct sunlight so that the basic color of the carpet does not change. For carpets made from rubber, it can be dried in a windy place to dry quickly.

Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the cabin with a vacuum cleaner to remove stains in places that are difficult to reach.
Especially for luggage, you can coat this part with a carpet that is easy to remove so that it is easy when you want to wash and clean it.

The last way to clean a car carpet is to clean the carpet regularly at least once a month so that the carpet condition is maintained.

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