Although currently Android-based smartphones are no longer considered a luxury for some people, there’s still a reason for thieves to take this item from you when there is a chance. Not only the loss of material, lost the smartphone is also quite troublesome because you will lose the various data in it. Given the risk of stolen Android is large enough, various application developers have tried to provide a security solution that allows you to track or find out the face image of the culprit. Here are some applications that have these capabilities.

– Prey Anti Theft
Prey Anti Theft allows smartphone owners to track their phone presence. But on condition, this app is already installed before the device is lost. In addition, users can also instruct their phone to take photos of people trying to force phone open.

– Hidden Eye
The first security app that Jaka gave was named Hidden Eye. This app is capable of capturing a photo of an object if there is something wrong opening a password key that is set by your own. In fact, this application is also able to activate the alarm if there are people who intend to maliciously steal your smartphone, then enter the wrong password more than three times.

– Third Eye
Third Eye is an application that will automatically take a photo when someone enters the wrong password or pattern into your phone. In addition, there is also an option that gets you notified after someone has made a mistake.

– CrookCatcher
Through an application called CrookCatcher, the app will work when someone tries to force your lock and captures the location of the thief who took your smartphone. Then, this app will also take a picture of the vandals that have tried to force to unlock the smartphone screen. Then, the photo will be sent to the email you have registered with the location of the smartphone.

– Lookwatch
This app allows the phone owner to track the location of the phone as well as get a photo of the thief by sending data to e-mail smartphone owners. The action is done secretly so that the perpetrator will not realize his face has been caught on camera and sent to the device owner.

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