Nowadays, someone certainly has a different lifestyle to live their life. The lifestyle will indeed affect their lives as a whole. Unfortunately, today there are many people who have a bad lifestyle due to various tech guidance and the era they are facing.

However, do not worry, for you who want to have a good and proper lifestyle and health. So one lifestyle that you can make as your daily life is zero waste where you have to have a lifestyle that does not generate any waste at all. This arises because humans increasingly produce more waste than can be managed in a country or place, in fact, nature becomes difficult to absorb. So, what can you do from the zero waste?

– Reduce, reduce plastic waste
Do you realize that the garbage you produce every day is so numerous and varied? You usually produce trash from drinking bottles, food boxes, toothbrushes, and much more. Later the waste will end up in landfills, and even in some cases, the waste ends up in the sea. Rubbish that usually has a lot of plastic. So, you can reduce the use of plastic by using non-plastic tableware and utensils, using non-plastic makeup equipment, use paper bags when shopping, and carrying bottled water on the go.

– Compost daily
The rest of the rice, the skin and the rest of the fruits, onion skin, vegetables, even the leaves that fall in your yard can easily be transformed into something useful, compost. With compost, the plants in your house can grow well without any chemicals.

– Reuse
To reduce the amount of waste, you can reuse unused objects. Here are some ways.
• If shopping, select items that can be used repeatedly (reusable).
• Is your printing wrong? do not throw away, use again the page behind it that is still empty.
• still wearing tissue? replace with a cloth that can be used many times, as long as do not forget to be washed.

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