Sometimes because of fear of the final results that are not in accordance with the wishes, the homeowners only focus on aligning the colors so that the interior look does not look too flashy. However, for shiny colors, it is actually not too suitable because the room will look normal if you try to harmonize the look of the decoration. On the other hand, perhaps you need to call Lead paint removal Brisbane if there are some lead-painted walls or objects that you want to repaint in your house.

For that, it would be better if you mix different colors so that the display room is not boring. For example in the living room, you can choose the color of the chair with silver color accents and then combined with crystal chandeliers with gold accents.

Keep making other features in the room with the color accents as simple as possible

The white background color of the home kitchen is very suitable if combined with shiny colors because it can slightly reduce the color that is too shiny. Similar to the dining room area which usually has a shiny silver-white chair, to make other features look simple, the glossy color accents are combined with cream or brown wood elements.

Look for elements of a blend of shiny color accents that were never unexpected before.

Metal elements are indeed the best way to combine shiny color accents in a room. Other elements that turned out to be very good combined with shiny colors including wallpaper, metal colored paint, accessories such as shiny glasses and curtains that have a glossy effect.

So are some tips that you can do to combine shiny accent colors that will add to the appeal of the interior decoration of the house. Don’t be afraid to include shiny colors in the interior of the house because this will change the interior look totally to look more luxurious.

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